New England Classic Weightlifting Meet

New England Classic Weightlifting Meet

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The New England Classic is the largest Weightlifting Meet in New England History. We plan to have two platforms over two days with over 200 lifters competing in a national class facility with a national meet feel and level of production.

We will have five to six sessions each day, typically with the lighter weight classes and Youth competing Saturday, and the heavier weight classes lifting Sunday. As we approach the meet a Schedule will be published. PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will lift on either day even if you are a heavier lifter. We may break the sessions into A and B sessions, we may have Youth or Master’s only sessions, etc. We will consider requests for lifting on a specific day in the case of a Religious or Public Service Conflict (Military, LEO, Firefighter, etc.)   

Awards will be given to the top three lifters in each weight class once all the competitors in a weight class have lifted. Master’s awards will be given out to the top three in each age group based on the Sinclair-Matzler Faber Formula, and best lifter awards will be given to the top Male and Female Senior Master, Junior, and Youth lifter, with a special prize to the top overall lifter.  

There are NO REFUNDS once you enter the meet. 


Thank you for entering the New England Classic