McKenna's Gym offers a variety of training options:

  1. Strength Sports training include weightlifting, powerlifting, and Strongman.    We are the only gym in York County who qualified and sent athletes to Nationals in each of these sports:  USAW Senior Nationals, USAPL Raw Nationals, and NAS Strongman Nationals.  If you're a strength competitor, you can choose either the general program or an individualized approach from one of our coaches.  
  2. General Fitness programs are available for any individual who wants to get in shape, be stronger, look better, or lose weight. These programs are available as a basic generalized program to all members; individual programs are also available.  
  3. Group Fitness is directed by Lindsay Kinard (see more about her on our Coaches Page).  Lindsay is also one of our Personal Trainers and competitors, and directs our in house Nutrition programs.  The Group Fitness Schedule is posted on our Calendar and offers classes for many ages and activity levels.
  4. Sports Performance training is available on an individual basis for athletes in Grade 7 and up.  Younger athletes are welcome to participate in our general fitness and preparation programs or a group fitness class.  
  5. Personal Training, or one on one sessions where you are the focus of one of our coaches, is offered by all of our Coaches, and requires individual contracts with the coaches.  If you're interested in personal training, please fill out an information form.