Our gym is unique in York County.  We offer Strength training for sports and as a sport; we also have a basic boot camp program for general fitness and offer a general fitness program.

  • Sports Performance programs are available for students and adults of all ages.  We will evaluate your needs based on our intake protocols, and then design and implement an individualized plan for you to improve in your sport.
  • Boot Camp classes are offered several times throughout the week; these classes are available free to all members or for a $15/ class charge to the general public.  Bootcamp is our general fitness program, and the routines can be done with the group or by yourself during regular gym hours.
  • Weightlifting programming and technique consultations are available for those who want to participate in the sport of weightlifting (Snatch and Clean and Jerk).  We offer individualized and general programming.
  • Powerlifting programs are also available for those who wish to powerlift (Squat, Bench, Deadlift).  We offer individualized and general programs.
  • Strongman programming is available on an individualized basis.  

Our gym offers only successfully tested, high quality programming and instruction.  We won't tell you lies about fad diets, toning exercises, or magic routines.  We'll help you work hard, eat right, get in shape, and kick ass in life and sports.  There is always at least one Coach in the gym working with the members who are training; you are never left alone to wander through a workout.  

Our membership fees are as follows:

Monthly Membership (group programming of your choice): $100/ month or $92.50 via auto-deduct

Individual Programming and/ or Monthly membership:  $125/ month or $115/ month auto-deduct

High School or College Students (under 25 years of age):  $50 Month

 Ask about First Responder, LEO, Military, and Educator discounts