New To Working Out?

We suggest beginners start with our group classes in order to familiarize themselves with the movements we teach and use daily in our programming.  If you prefer to start immediately with individualized programming, and have a limited background using free weights or working out at all, we require that you meet for one-on-one sessions before using regular gym membership.  Our personal training sessions begin at $50 an hour.  Different trainers may charge higher rates; please contact us for details.  

Experienced with Strength Training?

If you are an experienced competitive weightlifter, powerlifter, or strongman competitor, or have prior experience through a functional fitness program or legitimate Strength and Conditioning program, you can join and start our group or individualized training immediately.  You may not follow your own program; we will provide you with a program from one of our coaches or one of our group programs.  We have Four different racks available:

  1. Weightlifting- the competitive sport which is featured in the Olympics, it consists of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk
  2. Sports Performance-  This program utilizes many methods to improve your performance in sports in general or a particular sport
  3. Powerlifting/ Strongman:  The Other Two Strength Sports; programs are available for each of these sports
  4. General Fitness:  For the person who doesn't want to compete, but prefers a mix of training modalities.  Similar to popular "Functional Fitness" programs, but with specific goals and objectives

Before you join, we ask that you contact us to discuss your experience level and goals.

Other Services

We work with several local health care providers, including Chiropractors, Nutrition Experts, and Sports  Doctors.  Please contact us in person t discuss these services.