Joining McKenna’s Gym requires a commitment to your future. In order to help you plan for that commitment, we ask you to set an appointment with us to discuss your goals and how we’re able to help you achieve those goals. Once we’ve discussed goals, we will begin with an assessment of your physical abilities. These assessments are individualized and required for all new members. There will then be a short on-ramp program wherein we instruct you in the basic exercises we use. This program is a separate cost from your first month’s membership. The basic timeline of joining the gym is to

  • First, Set an appointment to discuss your goals; this appointment can occur on the first day of your on ramp program.

  • Next, schedule an assessment and your on ramp program. This is a four hour process, usually distributed over the course of four days, but this timeline can vary based on the individual.

  • Your monthly membership begins after the on-ramp program is completed.

  • If you are an experienced athlete, or have worked with our coaches before, a shorter on ramp program can be arranged after the initial interview process.