Normal Women, Extraordinary Effort

Originally Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 10:24 AM
I'd like to take the time today to talk about two women from the gym.  Lisa T. and Caprice T. (no relation) are both in their 40s and started working out with me in 2010 in the original Strength Training for Women class.  Neither had ever lifted weights before, and each came in with different physical problems.  Lisa's was her back pain; Caprice had some pretty serious mobility issues.  In the last two years, both have gained strength, confidence, and transformed themselves into competitors.  

Caprice decided to become a competitive Olympic-Style lifter in July of 2010 when she entered the Keystone Games.  She's since entered three other meets, improving her totals and generally becoming a better athlete and competitor each time.  In addition to her kindness and work ethic, Caprice brings an internal drive essential to competition; her squats have improved by 15 kilos in the last two months and her presence has mentored younger women in the class and forced them to match her intensity. I want to salute and thank Caprice and wish her luck this weekend at the Gold Cup Challenge in Morestown, NJ.  She truly embraces what Athena Strength training is about and is a great ambassador for our gym and the sport.

Lisa T. decided recently to compete in Steve Pulcinella's Strongwoman contest.  Lisa has never previously competed in anything.  In the last few months, she's back squatted 100 kilos, power cleaned 60 for a triple, and won the strongwoman contest.  Yep, she won with an ease and gracefulness I've never seen before.   Lisa doesn't realize her own strength, and what's more, she doesn't find it unusual. The most impressive part of Lisa's strength is that she doesn't train to compete; she's a member of the regular strength training class.  

Both Lisa and Caprice show what hard work and confidence can do for women, and I would love you all to join me in wishing them good luck in their training.  

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