Meet Prep Week

Originally Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 11:31 AM

The PA State Championship is this weekend, so I'll take the time today to address pre-meet week.


For years, I've used a basic pre-meet workout template: 


Day One

SN 50, 60, 65, 70 % x2; 80% x1 (3 sets)

rest 10 minutes

CL+J 50, 60, 65, 70 2+1; 80 x1+1 (3 sets)


Back Squat 60, 70, 80% x3


Stretch really well


Day Two  

SN 50, 60, 65, x2; 70 % x1 (3 sets)

rest 10 minutes

CL+J 50, 60, 65, x2+1; 70  x1+1 (3 sets)


FS 60, 70, 80% x3


Stretch really well


Day Three

SN 50, 60, 70% x2x2


Clean and Jerk 50, 60, 70% x2+1


Stretch really well.


I use some variations, occasionally going as high as 80% on Day Three or doing singles in the squats, and of course taking into considerations the expertise of each lifter.  For instance, my Novice lifters in this meet will go heavier this week, even to 90% of their best lifts, because they can recover form those lifts faster as they are not a true 90% effort.


Aside form lifting, we should prepare ourselves emotionally and psychologically for the meet.  This week is not a time to slack off on diet and training so you feel better.  This is a week to tune in your CNS and emotions so that you are excited, positive, and confident going into Saturday.  Here are a few hints on getting there:


1.  Eat right, even a little better than usual.  Come Saturday, it's better to be a bit lean and eager than to be full and satiated.  


2.  Sleep well, take naps.  


3.  Don't get too excited; be patient emotionally.  Your have a chance to show off and do well Saturday, get yourself ready by feeling the lifts, not thinking about lifting the weight.  Feel how a good snatch will be, feel a good clean and jerk; don;t just visualize by imagining the good lift, feel your body making that good lift.


4.  Get a massage or go to the chiro, or both.


5.  Pack your gym bag and act like you're in an 80-'s movie montage.  I have never heard of Number Two. 


6.  Watch this clip:

If this doesn't get you ready, you must not have been a boy in the 80s.  


The day of the meet, relax.  Get there early, expect a schedule change, expect a bit of chaos.  Since you have complete control only over yourself, be a bit selfish meet day and worry only about yourself.  


Finally, remember, it's just a meet.  Probably just a local one.  Be cool to people, not arrogant.  Help out, meet others, and enjoy your time.  Most people in competitions don't win, don't lift the heaviest, don't win the best lifter trophy.  Those things are nice, but they aren't the point of competing.  You're the point of competing, so make the day positive.