Intro and Welcome (originally published July 17, 2011)

Welcome to my new blog here at McKenna's Gym.  I plan to write a few times a week, and perhaps I'll invite some others to write from time to time.  We're about 30 minutes from York, PA and an hour from Baltimore.  The gym isn't a typical gym where you go and workout however you want.  We offer group classes Monday through Thursday at 8:15 a.m. and 4:15 for women, and at 6:30 for Olympic-style Weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning (We do not have Wednesday evening or afternoon classes).  Currently, we have anywhere from 4-12 attendees at each class; we average 6 or so people.  Evenings, especially Thursday evening, are packed. I also offer personal training at your house or here at my gym.  

I'm a USAW and USATF Certified Coach, and as such I bring a strong dose of experience and science into my training philosophy.  I think strength is the primary goal of any training program, and I use basic exercises such as squats, presses, cleans, and deadlifts to achieve overall body strength.  I supplement those core exercises with more full body movements and a few isolation movements.  We follow strength training at each session with a intense period of conditioning, often including kettlebells, the Concept2 Rower, jump rope, and bodyweight movements. The sessions conclude with flexibility work.

Our Olympic Lifting and Strongman sessions are dedicated to developing competitive athletes in a strength sport.  We currently have a dozen competitive Olympic lifters training here during the month, and most compete as members of the East Coast Gold Weightlifting team, though members of other teams are welcome.  I emphasize an efficient, strong pull from the floor ending with explosive hip drive and a fast pull-under of the body.  

I bring 25 years of competitive athletic experience to my coaching, and all my coaching is based on solid teaching progressions.  These progressions are tailored to each individual based on her backgrounds and needs, and I welcome questions about my programming from my clients at any time.