Strength training has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old and wanted to look like Conan the Barbarian. I got a Sears weight bench for Christmas and did the entire workout book, all 40 or 50 exercises, once every seven to 10 days for three sets of 10 each. I couldn’t use all the weights that came with the 110 pound set, it was too heavy for me in any exercise. As I got older, sports, particularly weightlifting, played a major role in shaping my identity and keeping me grounded in my darkest times.

I began coaching in 1991 as the Head Coach for a Middle School wrestling team. I quickly became a High School head Coach and worked coaching multiple sports, most notably Wrestling, Track and Field, and Girls Lacrosse. I also coached Soccer and Football. Throughout all the coaching, Strength and Performance training was my true passion, and developing the person and athlete was always my goal. I’ve brought that passion and belief to mckenna’s Gym, which works on a model of coaching the individual and building their whole self as an athlete and individual. As such, we welcome and are a safe space for members of any Gender Identification, sexuality, race, or religion.

Currently, over 65 athletes receive monthly programs from me, and I teach clinics and certification classes throughout the country. I’ve taught in North Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, and most of the states in between.